Sounds of Jazz (2006) photos

This project has been inspired by wonderful music of jazz. I was excited to reproduce the small part of that magic by photographic language. I wanted to build portfolio where the main subject would be not a musicians, not a musical instrument but the music directly. It was not easy because the nature of photography is the light and only the light. That was difficult and almost unsolvable problem. Fortunately, the reflection spot on the bright surface of the saxophone resolved my issue. That light spot was following the saxophone vibrations. And these vibration produced the nice music and my ear accepted these vibration through air. I have started to take pictures of vibrations of light spots on the music instruments and these spots drown beautiful paths in air and on my black-n-white film. I was using the soft lenses and long time exposure to translate the magic of music and atmosphere of the jazz jam session.

Thank you to all musicians for the wonderful playing of jazz that inspired me for these pictures. A special thank you to Toby McCraw, the owner of Eb5 art gallery, for the allowing to take pictures in his gallery and for the presentation of my works.
                     Slava Vlad, Houston, 2006